Anonymous asked:

Favorite show with Lolis in them? And favorite loli?

Look at this cute little angel, her name is Shinobu Oshino. :3 She’s from an anime called “Bakemonogatari”. That’s my favourite loli and probably my favourite show with lolis in in.



I’m opening pay what you want commissions!

With the new puppy, money might be a little tight for a little bit. It will be well worth it though, because this dog is going to be so important to me, as he will become my service dog! (As it’s hard to leave my house by myself)
I figured that any little bit helps, so I’ll try to do some commissions so I can afford to give my puppy everything he deserves. 

I don’t have enough confidence in my art to price it myself, though, so they will be pay what you want. 
Tell me what you’d like, and when it’s finished you can pay whatever you feel is fair, within reason of course! (And obviously, I use Paypal.)

Make sure to specify exactly what you want, a sketch, lineart or a fully colored picture. And please provide references! Also, I will always show you progress shots to make sure you’re content with it. 

I WILL draw:
✔ Nsfw
✔ Loli/Shota
✔ Furries
✔ Gore 
✔ Non humanoids (like pokemon for example)
✔ Pretty much any kink, I’m pretty open

I WON’T draw:
✘ Overly complicated designs (my style is pretty simple)
✘ Adult males (sorry, everything i touch turns cutesy)
Yeah there’s not much I won’t, except for things I can’t! 

If you want examples of nsfw stuff I’ve drawn, feel free to ask!
And if you want to know whether or not I’ll draw something not on the list, feel free to ask me! I’m willing to draw almost anything I feel is within my power to. 

I think that about covers everything, if you’re interested, shoot me an ask! Signal boosting is appreciated, as well, as anything helps. u///u;
Thank you!